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TIPP Oil Manufacturer Ltd. Co.Kg pursues the goal of running its business efficiently, responsibly, sustainably and profitably. We also participate in the search and development of new energy sources and new ways to protect the environment to meet growing customer needs. Sincerity, integrity and respect for people are central values ​​on which everything we do is based. They form the basis of our corporate principles.

The company principles apply to all business activities - large and small - and determine the behavior that is always expected of every employee at TIPP Oil Manufacturer Ltd. We are judged on our behavior. Our reputation depends on acting in accordance with the law and company policy.

Management is responsible for setting a good example so that all employees are clear about the wording and meaning of these corporate principles and act accordingly. To bring our guiding principles closer to you, you can read the documents below carefully.


Code of Conduct

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Corporate principles

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 TIPP Oil Manufacturer Ltd.Co.Kg Am Langen Kamp 2
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Tipp Oil Manufacturer Administration GmbH

Am Langen Kamp 2
59192 Bergkamen

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