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Rebottle system has been proven to reduce the Co2 value


As an essential goal of Tipp Oil in the design of the service processes and quality, the endeavor is to continuously optimize the processes and to consolidate the focus on qualitative and eco- logical criteria as part of the company philosophy.

An actively operated management with good self-control through optimized implementation guarantees our ecological and socio-economic competence, as well as the product and ser- vice quality. In the sustainability assessment, our economic orientation and socio-economic competence were rated very good.

Sustainability is the strategic priority of our corporate direction. The implementation of the de- posit system for the reuse of containers can lead to considerable savings in emissions. We rely on transparent, clearly formulated processes to confrm the trust our customers have in our performance and quality.

A purchase of our products includes a deposit of € 0.25, which the customer receives back after returning the undamaged plastic bottle. The cleaning and reflling of the bottles has an active effect on reducing plastic waste. Our rebottle system is not only a positive contribution to reducing waste, but also a customer loyalty through the return system. This increases the sales of the distributors and exclusive resellers and promotes awareness through our products.

When companies include our products in their program, they not only receive customer sa- tisfaction, environmental awareness and the high quality of our products, but also active dis- counts and interesting gifts for the order. We deliver our products in freely combinable pallets and also send them in containers all over the world.