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TIPP-OIL Premium LL-12 FE 0W-30 is a synthetic mid SAPS oil for petrol and diesel engines with and without turbocharging. TIPP-OIL Premium LL-12 FE 0W-30 offers significant fuel economy through its formulation, protecting the turbocharger from sedimentation for maximum performance.


Instructions for use

TIPP-OIL Premium LL-12 FE 0W-30 is a fuel-efficient oil and suitable for year-round use, especially for new BMW gasoline and diesel engines. TIPP-OIL Premium LL-12 FE 0W-30 is suitable for extended oil change intervals. The operating regulations of the motor vehicle and engine manufacturers are to be observed.


Quality classification Specification

  • ACEA C2


TIPP-OIL Premium LL-12 FE 0W-30 is tried and tested in practice in aggregates requiring adherence to manufacturer´s fluid specifications

  • BMW-Longlife-12 FE



  • Excellent cleaning and dispersing properties
  • Excellent protection against wear, corrosion and foaming
  • Constant oil layer density at different temperature and pressure controls
  • Excellent fuel economy under all operating conditions
  • Very good cold start properties


Technical specifications

 Properties  Data  Unit  Testing under
 Kinematic Viscosity at 40°C  54,4  MM²/S  DIN ISO 51562-2
 Kinematic Viscosity at 100°C  10,1  MM²/S  DIN ISO 51562-2
 Viscosity Index  175    DIN ISO 2909
 Appearance  YELLOW    visually
 Density at 15°C  846,0  KG/M³  DIN EN ISO 12185
 Pour Point  -45  °C  ASTM D 7346


All declared values are approximate and subject to standard production variations. To the best of our knowledge all information reflects the current state of findings and our development. Subject to change.
Any reference to DIN standards are solely for product description purposes and do not represent a guarantee. If problems arise, please consult a technician. 14.06.2019 02:00:02

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