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TIPP-OIL ATF DX VI (red) is an automatic transmission oil based on the latest technology in HC/HT hydrocracking oils, approved by General Motors for use in automatic transmission vehicles. The special formulation ensures twice the life of a comparable ATF oil. ATF DX VI (red) meets General Motors' transmission oil specifications for all vehicles with Hydramatic automatic transmissions from 2006.


Instructions for use

TIPP-OIL ATF DX VI (red) is fully downward compatible with DEXRON® III (H), III and IIE applications. Always follow the recommendations in your vehicle's owner's manual.


Quality classification Specification

  • Ford MERCON® LV (FF-WSS-M2C-938A/SF, XT-10 QLV)
  • JASO M315-2013 1ALV


Tried and tested in practice in units with filling regulations:

  • Aisin Warner AW-1, Aisin Warner JWS 3309 (T-IV) & JWS 3324 (WS), AW-1
  • Allison C-3 & C-4
  • American Motors ATF +3 (MS7176-E)
  • ATF +4 (MS9602), ATF+, +2, +3 (MS 7176E), +4 (MS 9602), ATF-Z1
  • CAT TO-2
  • Honda DW-1
  • Red 1



  • Good resistance to lubricant failure under harsh operating conditions
  • Outstanding resistance to oil sludge and deposit formation
  • Superior wear protection, better foaming resistance for smooth shifting as well as
  • less wear of bearings, bushings and gear wheels
  • Longer oil life, longer gear life
  • Longer replacement intervals
  • Excellent flowability at low temperatures
  • Prevention of coupling loops with modulation rotary transducers


Technical specifications

 Properties  Data  Unit  Testing under
 Kinematic Viscosity at 100°C  5,9  MM²/S  DIN ISO 51562-2
 Viscosity Index  159    DIN ISO 2909
 Appearance  RED    visually
 Density at 15°C  843  KG/M³  DIN EN ISO 12185
 Pour Point  -51  °C  ASTM D 7346


All declared values are approximate and subject to standard production variations. To the best of our knowledge all information reflects the current state of findings and our development. Subject to change.
Any reference to DIN standards are solely for product description purposes and do not represent a guarantee. If problems arise, please consult a technician. 22.04.2021 02:00:37



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