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Clean with effective bacteria!


The alternative cleaning agent, based on microorganisms.

Dirt, dust and harmful bacteria are removed in a natural, environmentally friendly way. Tipp Oil has taken a close look at the cleaners.

The idea of functional cleaning agents - effective, economical and ecological.



Flasche mit Mikroorganismen  

What are effective microorganisms and what makes them special?


 70% of all life on earth consists of microorganisms*. These little helpers have been the basis of organic life since. They are part of humans, animals, plant life and water.

*Microscopic, mainly single-celled organisms that colonise all surfaces and habitats.


Effective microorganisms (EM) are a liquid mixed culture consisting of lactic acid bacteria, photosynthetic bacteria and yeasts. These microorganism cultures are the basis for all products that are created through fermentation. During fermentation, organic substances are transformed by enzymes or microorganisms. With the addition of microorganisms, substances can also be formed that are very difficult or impossible to produce chemically.

For the microorganisms cleaning products, special microorganisms are cultivated in a multi-stage process. During this fermentation process, microorganisms multiply. The special composition of EM makes the end product particularly valuable and rich in strongly antioxidant, life-friendly substances such as enzymes, vitamins, amino acids, bioactive substances.



Flasche mit Mikroorganismen  

Cleaning technology from today for tomorrow


Dirt accumulates everywhere where work is done, be it in the household in work halls and warehouses or in outdoor areas, as well as in industry between running plants with residues consisting of fats, proteins or carbohydrates. These substances can serve as food for microorganisms. The enzymes of the bacteria break down the dirt particles.

A new microbiological cleaning technology (EMOT) - the Effective Microorganisms Technology. Microorganisms for use in the production of microbiological preparations. It is the most modern biological technology for cleaning floors, as well as on conventional surfaces for floor sanitation.

The cleaning products are for professional use, as well as for general use, special solutions for industry, for cleaning floors, as well as for cleaning industrial waste contaminated with hazardous organic compounds.

The different composition and way of reproduction of microorganisms and their enormous concentration (preparations contain at least 5 billion microorganisms in one cm). In practice, this means greater resistance to external influences and much greater efficiency. Thanks to the specially formed biosystem that ensures self-sufficiency in oxygen, the aerobic bacteria can function even at a minimal oxygen content (0.03mg/l). This ensures stability during use.

Organic substances such as petroleum products, mineral and synthetic oils, fats, sugars and starch are neutralised. Hazardous chemical compounds such as phosphorus, nitrogen and various metal compounds are converted into environmentally compatible compounds.

The products are able to clean oil and grease residues, surface contamination, floors, facades, photovoltaic systems, etc., in a sustainable biological way. The efficiency of the solutions is verifiable and has been confirmed several times by certified European laboratories.




Side effect and benefit with microorganisms


  • Cleaning water can be used for watering flowers.

  • positively influence the microbial environment (floor, surfaces ) and rebuild it.

  •  are "alive" and continue to work in any environment used and germs are displaced.

  •  are particularly gentle on skin and materials thanks to natural ingredients

  •  Re-soiling is reduced by the probiotic cleaning effect

  •  Compatible for allergy sufferers




Biological cleaner in a reusable plastic bottle


Do you already know our plastic strategy? Lubricate or clean with Tipp Oil and at the same time reuse plastic to protect the climate!


You can recognise our special articles by this Rebottle logo, which remain in the cycle for a longer period of time and thus save resources and protect the environment.



TIPP OIL would like to close loops together with you!


We have been successfully implementing the legally extended mandatory deposit in Germany since August 2019. We take back the emptied bottles, have them professionally cleaned, can then refill them and insert them into the trade cycle. This sustainable process is good for the environment!

From now on, the new organic cleaning agents with effective microorganisms, in addition to our lubricant bottles 1L to 20L, are subject to a deposit of 0.25 euros and can be returned to the dealer.




What we have achieved so far and what we want to achieve



Our successes already achieved: 

  • The production of plastic is reduced and the materials required for this are also reduced.
  • The only waste produced is the protective film and the cap, which have to be replaced after refilling.
  • By reusing the bottles, we save CO2 and make an active contribution to sustainability.


Our goals until 2027

  • Use 30% less plastic
  • Recyclate, make own packaging maximally recyclable

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