TIPP-OIL Compressor Oil VDL 320 is produced on the basis of high-quality, age-resistant base oils and proven additives, and thus fulfills the high requirements of DIN 51506. Compressor Oil VDL 320 has a good adhesive power, is water repellent and reduces wear. As many compressors work at high temperatures, the oil used must have a good resistance to aging with very low residue formation.


Instructions for use

TIPP-OIL Compressor Oil VDL 320 can be used up to 220°C in stationary and mobile compressors with compression temperatures. Compressor Oil VDL 320 is also used for the circular lubrication of driving mechanisms and diesel engines if the manufacturer does not prescribe any HD engine oils.


Quality classification Specification

  • DIN 51506 (VBL, VCL, VDL)
  • ISO/DP 6521 (DAA, DAB, DAH, DAG)



  • ALUP
  • AUDI
  • CompAir
  • FIAC
  • FINI



  • Excellent resistance to aging
  • Neutrality towards sealants
  • Reliable wear protection
  • Very good viscosity and temperature behavior
  • Low coking tendency


Technical specifications

 Properties  Data  Unit  Testing under
 Kinematic Viscosity at 40°C  328,7  MM²/S  DIN ISO 51562-2
 Kinematic Viscosity at 100°C   24,4  MM²/S  DIN ISO 51562-2
 Viscosity Index   95    DIN ISO 2909
 Appearance  YELLOW    visually
 Density at 15°C  898,0  KG/M³  DIN EN ISO 12185
 Pour Point  -24  °C  ASTM D 7346


All declared values are approximate and subject to standard production variations. To the best of our knowledge all information reflects the current state of findings and our development. Subject to change.
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