ATF | Automotive Transmission Oils

Gear oils for manual and automatic transmissions (ATF) with high performance requirements from TIPP OIL meet the highest standards and specifications. They ensure reliable, durable and low-wear operation in daily use.
Our synthetic gear oils contain special additive technologies and highly developed base oils. As a result, our gear oils for trucks and cars have excellent low-temperature properties, ensure easy shifting, minimal wear and thus the longest service life of the gears. In addition, attributes such as extremely high pressure resistance, reliable use and the best corrosion protection of the gear oils should be emphasized.

The requirements manual transmission oils and automatic transmission oils are diverse. With Products from TIPP OIL also meet the highest demands:

  • Highest wear protection
  • Perfect lubrication
  • Very good friction properties / stability
  • sewith good oxidation stability
  • High FuelEfficiency
  • Very good foam and air cutting behavior
  • Very good cold switchability
  • Low cold viscosity
  • Very good protection against corrosion
  • And many more

Choosing the right one gear oil as well as the required quantity in operating condition becomes influenced by the respective transmission type. Pay attention to the corresponding specifications and manufacturer approvals. If you have any questions, we are of course also happy to help you!

become motor vehicles with gearboxes of various designs fitted. you serve mainly der Adjustment of speed and power between engine and drive axle, ensure the speed equalization between axles and wheels or the change of direction in the powertrain. So that these gears work perfectly and for a particularly long time hold, comemen special gear oils for use.

TIPP OIL offers you high quality and high performance gear oils for Gearshift vehicles as well as a large selection of automatic transmission oil with different (low and high) viscosity grades.

manual transmission oils

manual transmission oils take on a variety of tasks. The lubricant isn't just for that Responsible for wear protection, but also has a significant influence on the shift and driving comfort. We offer you one wide portfolio of suitable gear oils