Business Hero Award in the sustainability category

After Tipp Oil Manufacturer Administration GmbH has already received several international awards, the world's first deposit system for plastic containers from Tipp Oil Manufacturer Administration GmbH in Bergkamen NRW has now received another award. By winning the Business Hero Award 2022, the manufacturer of lubricants with a deposit system continues on the road to success. Tipp Oil was selected from over 12,000 companies for the award.

The "Business Hero Award" is a medium-sized initiative that aims to do justice to the so-called "hidden champions". Innovations and future viability were assessed as well as the business model, brand management and the company's market presence. The jury Prof Dr. Sonja Zillner from Siemens AG evaluates the company as follows: The company recognized the opportunity for change and implemented it very well."

The company Tipp Oil, manufacturer of lubricants and chemical products, has undergone an incredibly impressive development in recent years. Starting in 2020 with an idea from founder Sebastian Maier to bring "Tipp Oil - The first deposit system for plastic containers in the oil industry" to the world, today numerous awards, extensive, also international reporting and hundreds of dealers in several countries have been added. This is an expression of the growth and success of the Tipp Oil company.

“We are honored to receive the Business Hero Award 2022 for our business performance. Being one of the most innovative companies in Germany spurs us on to continue to achieve outstanding performance,” said Mr. Sebastian Maier, head of Tipp Oil

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1st place in the category

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