TIPP OIL not only offer the best oil for your truck engine, but also guarantee that TIPP OIL truck engine oils reduce your fleet costs and at the same time increase efficiency. Unlike car engine oil, oils for trucks have to withstand higher loads.

Thanks to our fuel-efficient oils for TRUCKbuses and other commercial vehicles consume these in comparison significant fewer as when using otherright oilsEspecially for the different truck types became Fuel economy motor oils, gear oils and axle oils developed, the in this form so far are unique in the lubricant market.

Our truck motor oils are all different and unique, so for each engine there is correct oil is included. In one respect, however, our oils are the same: you optimize the engine, effect a line increase in the engine and are fuel-efficient. Thanks to the powermaterial-saving properties of our oils consumption in the TRUCK clearly. The most of ours truck motor oils have a “low SAPS”property, meaning that im truck oil a particularly low sulfated ash, phosphorus and sulfur content is. Also whiteen almost all of our products have very good oxidation resistance on and offer a high level of protection against wear.

For questions about all TIPP OIL products, please contact us at any time. our customer service is there for you. We will be happy to assist you.


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