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here you will find all sorts of useful videos

here you will find all sorts of useful videos

My opinion - Energy: oil, natural gas, high costs and how to make it cheap

Current economic situation - energy price increases and the impact on end consumers and companies.

Gas supply bottlenecks and increased costs: help from Dr Senator h.c. Sebastian Maier and Mr Gregor Gysi.

Berlin BOXX 2023 – Interview with Sebastian Maier, CEO of Tipp Oil Manufacturer GmbH Co. KG

Berlin Boxx interviews Senator Dr. H.C. Sebastian Maier

Senator Mr. Sebastian Maier Interview with Mr. Andreas Dorfmann on TV Berlin

Topic gas and Energy Supply Problems / Company Presentation Tipp Oil

Tipp Oil helps

Tipp Oil supports Germany with the current gas and energy supply problems with the help of its international network.

Tipp Oil on RTL

The company Tipp Oil and its innovative deposit system "Rebottle" are the focus of a current report on RTL. The groundbreaking concept aims to significantly reduce the consumption of plastic bottles and thus protect the environment.

Tipp Oil – International presence

Our efforts for sustainability and quality are recognized worldwide, as well as in Albania where we have been featured on TV. In this video you will learn more about our international presence and how we position ourselves in the global market.

Tipp Oil – Our lab

An important part of our success is our modern laboratory in which we develop and test our lubricants. Our dedicated scientists and engineers work continuously to improve our products.

Tipp Oil – production video

Get an exclusive insight into our production facility and show you how we manufacture our high-quality lubricants. We use the latest technology and have strict quality controls to ensure every product is of the highest standard.

Tipp Oil – Premium manufacturer of lubricants – Made in Germany

Our products are used in various industries, including automotive, industrial and agricultural. We are proud that we not only offer our customers high-quality products, but also a sustainable solution with our "Rebottle" deposit system.

TIPP OIL / image video