TIPP OIL  offers a comprehensive product range of the latest high-performance, low-friction engine oils for use in petrol and diesel engines, as well as special engine oils for high-performance engines and start-stop systems. Developed to optimize engine efficiency and reduce wear.

Did you know that our motor oil has a shelf life of up to five years unopened? It also depends on the quality of the car engine oil. Mineral engine oils have a longer shelf life than modern engine oils. The different types of motor oils are primarily divided into mineral and synthetic oils. Mineral oil is derived from crude oil, is less expensive, but is temperature sensitive and often less pure than synthetic motor oil. In comparison, synthetic motor oil is made from petroleum by synthesis and is not as sensitive to temperature. It also has an average longer shelf life. The properties of car engine oil are varied and essential for the engine to function. It lubricates the engine and thus forms a protective film to keep essential metal components from striking each other. Motor oil also has a cooling effect on the engine and loosens dirt. With the huge selection of different motor oils, you can quickly lose track. For this reason, you can look at our products without stress and find the motor oil that best suits your car.

For questions about all TIPP OIL products, please contact us at any time. our customer service is there for you. We will be happy to assist you.


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