Our rebottle system reduces emissions


Rebottle system demonstrably saves the Co2 value

Tipp Oil's main objective in the value chain, supply chain management and the quality of internal process optimisation. We at TIPP OIL endeavour to continuously improve processes and to consolidate our focus on qualitative and ecological criteria as part of our corporate philosophy.

An actively operated management with good self-control through optimized implementation guarantees our ecological and socio-economic competence, as well as the product and service quality.

Sustainability is the strategic priority of our corporate orientation. Implementing the deposit system for reusing containers can result in significant emissions savings. We rely on transparent, clearly formulated processes to confirm the customers' trust in our performance and quality.

TIPP OIL products labelled with the "Rebottle" logo include a €0.25 deposit, which the customer receives back after returning the undamaged plastic bottle. The cleaning and refilling of the bottles actively contributes to the reduction of plastic waste. Our "Rebottle" system is not only a positive contribution to waste reduction, but also to customer loyalty through the return system. This increases the turnover of distributors and exclusive resellers and promotes awareness of our products.

When companies include TIPP OIL products in their product portfolio, they automatically receive added value, including customer satisfaction, an environmentally conscious image and the high quality of our products. We deliver our products in freely customisable pallets and also ship them in containers all over the world.

Environmental goals

  • We are reducing our ecological footprint

  • We communicate our environmental performance clearly and transparently

  • We transfer our environmental principles to the entire supply chain

  • We increase our eco-efficiency with environmental management systems

  • We develop solutions for current environmental problems together with other organisations

  • We act environmentally conscious in our daily work

  • Our services promote a climate-friendly economy - with less energy and Co2

  • We set ourselves targets to improve our environmental performance

  • We fulfil legal requirements and adhere to voluntary environmental standards