TIPP OIL High performance 4-stroke oil was specially developed for high speed ranges and extreme temperatures, which are common in motorcycle engines. The precisely matched viscosity of the oil lubricates and cares for all affected machine parts of your motorcycle.

With high-quality 4-stroke oil from TIPP OIL extend the life of motorcycle engines because you get the best possible lubrication. Be sure to change the motorcycle oil regularly, especially after a long period of inactivity. In this way you prevent deposited residues from getting into the engine and transmission.

4tact Ol is a oilthat for 4clock engines and specially for motorcycles is used. The oil viscosity is optimally suited to the needs of 4beater Matched machine parts and helps to extend their durability: the friction is reduced by the motorcycle oil reduceand the parts are protected against wear. 

In contrast to the 2Tact oil that remains 4tact Ol inside the engine in one oil cycle. Over time, however, a natural aging of the oil sets in, so it has to motorcycle oil changed regularlybecome T. The exact timing depends on the number of kilometers driven and the recommendation of the manufacturer of your motorcycle. Usually must have oil in 4clock engine every 6,000 to 10,000 kilometers and at least once a year change. who beattaches great importance to the maintenance of his machine, changes engine oil at the beginning and end of the season.

4tact engine oill is available in different viscosity classes. Viscousity means Flowability or viscosity of the Motorightoil. The higher this number is, the the oil is thicker. Which oil viscosity is the right one for your machine manufacturer of the engine. Information on this can be found in the manual for your machine. 

The right decision when buying 4tact Ol is important. As mentioned earlier, carry They contribute to the durability of all machine parts by lubricating them. It is always recommended the fitting motorcycle oil to have on hand for regular oil changes can.

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